My 15 Hour Day

Yesterday I started to get a little concerned when I realized that I had nothing to turn in for a project due in 6 days! Oh yes, I was freaking out. Kayla and I spent the entire day planning out photoshoots, shopping for props, setting up lights and having NOTHING go our way. After that long, 15 hour day, Kayla and I walked out with our pictures done! All the tears, sweat, stress, hunger and back pain was worth it because we were done! Today has such been a better day. I went to school this morning and printed out my pictures for Tuesday. Here they are; my 15 hour day masterpieces!




About Ashley Arnold

I'm a Commercial Photography graduate from Gwinnett Technical College. Portrait photography is my passion but I love all types, especially black and white. I enjoy this profession and plan to continue my photography for many years to come!
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