When I turned in my commercial shot at school last week, my teacher wasn’t too impressed. She gave me a few pointers and challenged me to reshoot the skull bottle while making the shot a little “less boring.” I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly dejected after hearing that, but realized that she was right: it was kinda boring. Though I still liked the shot, I took Ms. Finch’s challenge and reshot the bottle! (She still thinks I can improve so PLEASE post your opinions because I would LOVE to hear them!)

With my first skull shot last week I used 2 Photogenic lights with soft boxes, and a white reflector board.  The composition was very plain; just a typical frontal product shot.

I did something a little different with the reshoot! Totally different composition but still using 2 lights. My light set up this time was different as well. I had one light coming from the back right of the image, shinning through the skull and allowing the light to pick up every curve of the bottle. I also had another light shinning from underneath the skull, lighting the red food dye so it wouldn’t turn completely black from lack of light. <– Thank you JOHN!!


About Ashley Arnold

I'm a Commercial Photography graduate from Gwinnett Technical College. Portrait photography is my passion but I love all types, especially black and white. I enjoy this profession and plan to continue my photography for many years to come!
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