Internship with Project Duo Photography

Thanks to the AMAZING Mrs. Harkins, I have an internship with Project Duo Photography! The Duo consists of Courtney & Zahra who met each other while pursuing a degree in photography back in 2006. They both fell in LOVE with wedding photography and interned with well respected wedding photographers. One thing I really love about their work is that most of their shots are candid. When someone is just going about their day and not stopping to pose for a camera is when you can capture their true personality. The more you look at their work, the more you will fall in love with it. Hopefully someday I can be on their level! :)

I can’t wait to work with this fun-loving Duo! My interview with Courtney & Zahra is this Tuesday to figure out what exactly I will be doing and what new skills they can teach me. Wish me Luck!

Check out Project Duo Photography’s website, blog, facebook and follow them on twitter!


About Ashley Arnold

I'm a Commercial Photography graduate from Gwinnett Technical College. Portrait photography is my passion but I love all types, especially black and white. I enjoy this profession and plan to continue my photography for many years to come!
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1 Response to Internship with Project Duo Photography

  1. Zahra says:

    Omg Ashley!! I <3 you already!!! Thanks so much for shouting us out!! Really. I love your enthusiasm it really means a lot. :)

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