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When I turned in my commercial shot at school last week, my teacher wasn’t too impressed. She gave me a few pointers and challenged me to reshoot the skull bottle while making the shot a little “less boring.” I’m not … Continue reading

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My 15 Hour Day

Yesterday I started to get a little concerned when I realized that I had nothing to turn in for a project due in 6 days! Oh yes, I was freaking out. Kayla and I spent the entire day planning out … Continue reading

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Britton’s Maternity Shoot

Last month my beautiful cousin Britton came down to visit. Since she was 8 months prego, we decided to have some fun! I checked out a light kit from school, hung a black sheet from the ceiling and had my … Continue reading

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First Holiday Portrait Shift

I worked my first Holiday Portrait Shift this past Tuesday. I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous! I’ve shot in the studio before but the fact that people are paying for our work put on that much more pressure. … Continue reading

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Holiday Portraits Start Tomorrow!

Our class has spent the last few weeks cramming a TON of work into a small amount of time! We finally finished building our set, Upper & Lower Quarter have signed up for their shifts, we have the posing figured … Continue reading

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Holiday Portrait Update!

So Holiday Portraits are NEXT WEEK! AH! We are working hard on the set to make it absolutely awesome! I am kind of surprised that out of all 63 of the lower quarter students only 12 sent me emails to forward … Continue reading

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Final Low Key Shot

I spent almost 2 hours today printing one picture! UGH! I really need to get better at color correcting my photos so it won’t take me as long, or waste as much paper. I am really happy with my low key shots, … Continue reading

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