Baby Bentley – Atlanta Family Photographer

Guess what? It’s portrait season again! Sarah and Richard are the lovely couple that kicked off my season by asking me to photograph their family at Tribble Mill Park. Bentley is now 3 months old and one of the most adorable babies I’ve seen in awhile. See for yourself!

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Photo of the Month – March

Nikon D90 - NIKKOR Micro 85mm f3.5G ED VR

March’s Photo of the Month goes to Wendy Fewell! This is my absolute favorite out of the batch she sent me. The color is awesome and the depth of field beautifully separates the thorns from the background. She was lucky enough to take a trip to New York and walk around with pro Photographers showing her the tricks of the trade with a bunch of different lenses. So jealous. Even though this was my favorite, there were 2 more that were a very close second. So check them out too!

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Internship with Project Duo Photography

Thanks to the AMAZING Mrs. Harkins, I have an internship with Project Duo Photography! The Duo consists of Courtney & Zahra who met each other while pursuing a degree in photography back in 2006. They both fell in LOVE with wedding photography and interned with well respected wedding photographers. One thing I really love about their work is that most of their shots are candid. When someone is just going about their day and not stopping to pose for a camera is when you can capture their true personality. The more you look at their work, the more you will fall in love with it. Hopefully someday I can be on their level! :)

I can’t wait to work with this fun-loving Duo! My interview with Courtney & Zahra is this Tuesday to figure out what exactly I will be doing and what new skills they can teach me. Wish me Luck!

Check out Project Duo Photography’s website, blog, facebook and follow them on twitter!

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When I turned in my commercial shot at school last week, my teacher wasn’t too impressed. She gave me a few pointers and challenged me to reshoot the skull bottle while making the shot a little “less boring.” I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly dejected after hearing that, but realized that she was right: it was kinda boring. Though I still liked the shot, I took Ms. Finch’s challenge and reshot the bottle! (She still thinks I can improve so PLEASE post your opinions because I would LOVE to hear them!)

With my first skull shot last week I used 2 Photogenic lights with soft boxes, and a white reflector board.  The composition was very plain; just a typical frontal product shot.

I did something a little different with the reshoot! Totally different composition but still using 2 lights. My light set up this time was different as well. I had one light coming from the back right of the image, shinning through the skull and allowing the light to pick up every curve of the bottle. I also had another light shinning from underneath the skull, lighting the red food dye so it wouldn’t turn completely black from lack of light. <– Thank you JOHN!!

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Photo of the Month – February

This month’s photo was submitted by John Johnston! His lovely daughter Jordan is taking a quick break from learning how to ride her new bike. This is the second time his work has made my photo of the month post (congrats)! Once again, this has great tonal range with awesome shapes created by the shadows all around. He really captured a cute moment here. Great job!

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My 15 Hour Day

Yesterday I started to get a little concerned when I realized that I had nothing to turn in for a project due in 6 days! Oh yes, I was freaking out. Kayla and I spent the entire day planning out photoshoots, shopping for props, setting up lights and having NOTHING go our way. After that long, 15 hour day, Kayla and I walked out with our pictures done! All the tears, sweat, stress, hunger and back pain was worth it because we were done! Today has such been a better day. I went to school this morning and printed out my pictures for Tuesday. Here they are; my 15 hour day masterpieces!



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Internship Ideas

1st Choice:

Angela Morris Photography

Location: Atlanta, GA

Angela Morris creates fabulous fashion, musician and commercial photographs. Several different magazines have published her work such as Vogue, People, The AJC and Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. In the music industry, Angela has worked with clients such as Usher and Zac Brown Band. Her lighting and touch-up techniques are excellent, which make her work stand out above the rest. I would love to intern with Angela Morris, learn her many techniques and how she handles with the stress of a fast pace environment. Besides her photography experience, I would like to observe and learn from her interactions with clients.

2nd Choice:

Laura Brett Photography

Location: Atlanta, GA

Laura Brett creates some amazing newborn and family photographs. Utilizing her depth-of-field and taking complete advantage of natural lighting makes her photographs unforgettable. Her newborn photos have a similar quality to Anne Geddes! One thing I would love to learn from Laura Brett is how she deals with her clients: children who do not want to smile or stay still, and how she adapts to the change. She always seems to capture the perfect moment.

3rd Choice:

Allison Reisz Photography

Location: Savannah, GA

Allison Reisz is an amazing Savannah based photographer who has been “selected as a ‘GenNEXT: Rising Star’ by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).”  Her use of dramatic lighting first caught my eye, and upon exploring her website and blog I realized that Allison Reisz’s photography is amazing no matter what the light! Whether it be studio or natural lighting, her work is always superb. Wedding photography seems to be her specialty: an area in which I have little experience. I want to expand my horizons and explore this field of photography!

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